The Concepts

Current scientific research tells us that our dog's understanding of various Concepts can actually shape their brain and enhance their personality, changing how they perceive the world around them and how they respond to it. Calmness, Focus, Impulse Control, Confidence, Optimism, and Flexibility are just some of the Concepts that can teach your dog to think, choose to chill out, focus on you, walk nicely on leash, recall from dogs/smells/other distractions, and view most anything they may encounter in a positive way. We teach Concepts using games which make it fun and engaging. Training is no longer a chore, it is a blast!

Some of our favorite Concepts

Flexibility - Gives your dog the ability to make different choices in different situations.


Focus - Maintaining attention

on someone or something

Optimism - When presented with something new or strange, dog perceives it as good.

Calmness - Emotion dog feels when there is low arousal and positive things are happening.

Thinking in Arousal - Ability to move from High Arousal to Low Arousal as the situation dictates.

Grit - Persistence and the ability to work for less frequent


Tolerance of Frustration - Ability to deal with the unpredictability of life or things that are not what you expected.

Proximity - Your dog finds

high value in being close

to you.

Confidence - Feeling self-assured about your abilities and your self.

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Disengagement - Dog's

ability to come away

from a distraction and

return to handler. 

Impulse Control - Dog's ability to control his behavior until given permission.

What My Clients Say

"Kim really understands training and dog behavior. She is a problem solver and knows how to set any dog up to be successful. Her style of concept training is unlike any other. She is compassionate as a teacher to her students. Her love for training shows through everything she does."

—  Chancel S.

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