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Sport and Trick Classes

Clever Canine Concept Training offers specialty classes in Foundation Agility skills for beginners, and Trick training (with AKC certificate testing option.)

*These are not socialization classes and in group classes dogs must be able

to be comfortable around other dogs/people.

Specialty Classes are package-priced:

 Private: $175 (five 45 min classes)

Group (3-5 dogs): $150 (five 1-hour classes)


Introduction to agility concepts and foundation skills

If you have ever wondered if Agility was a sport you and your dog would enjoy, try it here. This course will introduce the basics, and get you and your dog ready for success in agility. It is also great for dog/handler relationship and builds your dog's confidence.

This class is offered in conjunction with Happy Dog Happy Owner and will prepare your dog for success in any Intro to the Obstacles class.

Offered in both private and group settings. 


Note that puppies should be at least 9 months old and socialized to be around other dogs in group agility classes. Private sessions may be recommended after evaluation.

Agilability +


Building on agility concepts and foundation skills

Continues to build on handling skills, mechanics, and obstacle awareness for those still on a waitlist for an Intro to Obstacles class or who just want to keep having agility fun with their dog.

Prerequisite: Agilability 1

Tricky Dogs

Tricks class for dogs!

Offered in both private and group settings, Tricky Dogs allows you to learn some fun new tricks to keep your dog's brain active and impress your friends. Includes discussion about how dogs learn, and the mechanics of shaping, capturing, and luring in training tricks.

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