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About Clever Canine

What is Concept Training?

Training your dog some manners like sit, stay, and come is important, but it is not the whole picture when it comes to having a great dog. Puppies, adolescents, 'old dogs', and dogs that exhibit uncertainty, lack of focus, arousal, and other behavior struggles, can learn Concepts that teach the value of calmness, remaining focused on you as others pass by, resisting the allure of a major distraction (a squirrel, another dog or a smelly thing to roll in), being relaxed about a change of routine or a visit to the Vet, and more. These are real world skills that go beyond being told what to do. And they can be learned through playing games that positively reinforce the concepts and behaviors we are looking for!


At Clever Canine we look at the dog in front of us and design a plan that considers both the needs of the dog and the owners' expectations. We teach you to use games to reinforce the Concepts that can shape your dog's brain. By interacting with your dog in a fun, positive, and engaging way you strengthen the relationship between you and your dog and build confidence and optimism at both ends of the leash. It also makes our training of those other behaviors (sit, stay,come...) fun and easy as Concepts give them more relevance.


There are Concepts for owners, too. (The big secret to dog training is that we train people, not dogs.) Each dog has his own unique personality so flexibility, humor, and patience are the most important Concepts for  owners.  Come join us and see how fun and rewarding giving your dog real life skills can be.


Hey there, I'm Kim!

Owner And Trainer at Clever Canine Concept Training


There have been many dogs in my life, but it wasn't until we adopted Moose that I encountered dog anxiety first hand. Moose was highly aroused by any random noise or movement around our house and he was aggressive toward guests in our home. He was also beautiful, smart, silly and  talented at agility. Moose is my 'powerful whyfor becoming a dog trainer.

While working with Moose, I discovered the Absolute Dogs training team out of Devon England. Their science-based philosophy of Concept Training using positive reinforcement and games to change the dog's perception and response to the world resonated with me and reignited my passion for behavioral psychology and learning theory (my college major).

Surrounded by a community of people who were having similar struggles with their dogs I became immersed in current scientific research to gain a better understanding of dogs. What an amazing capacity to think, learn, make good choices, and to transform dogs have. They can also truly know how to love us which is a gift that any dog owner knows is priceless. For that, they deserve our most honest effort to help them to become their best dog selves.


Seeing my enthusiasm, family and friends began asking me for help. After earning my Pro Dog Trainer Certificate a whole new world of helping other people with their dogs opened up and Clever Canine Concept Training was launched. 


Remaining a part of the Absolute Dogs Training Academy and their PDT Geeks keeps me inspired with new learning and gives me an international team of trainers with whom to discuss and brainstorm. I continue to explore other training styles through courses by Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, Ian Dunbar, Denise Fenzi, Leslie McDevitt, Susan Garrett, Karolina Westlund and books by Alexandra Horowitz, Brian Hare and Clive Wynne. Gathering knowledge from a variety of experts in the world of dogs has given me a toolbox full of training styles and ideas from which to draw. And I have been lucky to be affiliated with, and mentored by, other local trainers like Lara Schindler at Happy Dog, Happy Owner, and Chancel Siebuhr at Click Dog Training.


Currently, my husband Jeff and I are happily owned by Boomer, a mini Australian

Labradoodle who is joyful, loving, eager to learn, laid back, and swift and

enthusiastic on the Agility course. He has inspired Jeff's enthusiasm for the games and

agility. Boom also loves Nose Work and currently competes at the Advanced level.

(He is a masterful sniffer.) And recently he and I began doing Love on a Leash therapy

dog work. We both find bringing joy and comfort to people very rewarding.


Any time playing or working with our dogs is time well spent.

Service Areas

Serving the areas of San Diego, including Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Hills, Bay Park, North Park, and beyond! If you're unsure if you fall within my service area, please feel free to reach out and I'll be in touch. :) 

Memberships + Certifications

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