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Enrichment Games

Clever Canine Concept Training provides enrichment classes in private (45 minutes) settings.

Is your dog bored? Does he lack enthusiasm? 

Do you want to enhance your relationship with your dog?

Or do you just want to find new ways to play and engage with your dog?

Enrichment Games will reinforce life skills and concepts, and provide learning fun

to keep your dog's mind and body engaged and strengthen the dog/human relationship.

Enrichment training is individually priced at $50 per 45-minute session (5 lesson package $200). 

Package pricing to be determined after evaluation with your dog and understanding of what you hope to accomplish.

There's A Game For That


Concept games add enrichment to your puppy or

adult dog’s life. They lay a foundation of positive, flexible, and fun engagement with your dog.


Bonus: Whether you are playing just for fun, to bombproof the basics, or to help your dog with

a specific struggle, the games give both dog and owner skills that better equip them to handle real

life situations.

Each lesson adds 3-4 new games specific to each dog's needs.

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