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Puppy Life Skills

Clever Canine Concept Training has several different options for one-to-one training. Below you will see the different programs targeted toward training your puppy real world life skills.

Puppy classes are individually priced at $50 per 45-minute session. 

5-Lesson Packages are priced at $200 ($25 non-refundable deposit to enroll).

Puppy Preparation

New puppy preparation and initial adjustment period

($50 per 45 minutes or 5 lessons $200)

Even before you bring your puppy home we can consult and advise on strategies to help make the homecoming and first weeks more comfortable for all. And starting early training with Concept games like Calmness, Focus, and Optimism builds a strong foundation and makes a world of difference to your relationship. 


Puppy Brain 1


Foundation behaviors and

life skills for puppies of any age

(5 Lessons $200)  

Preparing your puppy with life skills and behaviors for the real world. Includes a discussion on getting to know your puppy/dog, body language, coping behaviors, stress signals, and socialization. We will address individual behavior concerns as we discover them.

Behavior/Game, (Concept):

  • Name Game, Nose Touch (Focus)

  • Sit, Stay, Down (Impulse Control)    

  • Come (Proximity)

  • Premack, Mouse Game (Impulse Control)

  • Middle, Handling (Confidence)

  • 2 Paws On (Optimism)

  • Boundary (Impulse Control, Calm)

Puppy Brain 2

Taking it to the next level (5 Lessons $200)

Puppy Brain 2 expands on life skills and behaviors learned in Puppy Brain 1 (or prior) by adding duration, distance and distractions to enhance self-control, additional games for all concepts, and introducing:

  • Recall

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Advanced Premack

  • Front Door Manners

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