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Sign me up for ACBC

Read all steps carefully and use the links provided here.

(Three Steps…)

Step 1: Register for Absolutely Clever BC at Clever Canine Concept Training.

Step 2: You will receive a Paypal link for one-time $75 payment to Clever Canine. 

Step 3: Join the Absolute Dogs Training Academy (TA).

  • Use this affiliate link: TA Affiliate Link  to ensure you receive ACBC playlists.

  • $40 per month* paid directly to Absolute Dogs

    • This gives you access to ACBC curated playlists and all TA games and resources (including Nifty Solutions, Boundary Games and Calm Badges, and the Weekly Roundup.)

    • *You can complete the ACBC course on your own time frame. However, the Core program requires minimum 3 months of TA membership for access to the playlists. Once you end your membership you will no longer have access to the Playlists but you will get to keep the STAS games videos.

Note that you must sign up for our Absolute Dogs Training Academy membership using the affiliate link at TA Link or from the Clever Canine Sign up page in order to receive ACBC playlists of games.



  • ACBC Course fee is non-refundable after start of course. Exceptions for change of ownership, or injury that precludes participation.

  • You will continue to have access to all Training Academy games and playlists as long as you keep your TA membership active. You can cancel your TA membership via email to


Suzy and I are in regular contact and look forward to watching the relationship with you and your dog evolve.  Let’s get started!


Stay Pawsitive,


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